Call for Papers — Open Sessions

Bibliography Section

  • 3 January 2018, 13:01
Theme: "National Bibliographies: Forging a Path to Access to Information"

[Deadline extended to:  7 March 2018]

The Bibliography Section invites proposals for papers to be presented at the 2018 conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This session will explore the role of National Bibliography services as a source of open access to information. At its best, National Bibliography Agencies are supporting civic skills by opening their depositories of data of published national output for the use of decision makers, the scientific world, economic life, and individuals.


We are calling for papers that explore the aspects of the link between National Bibliography services and freedom of access to information. The papers can cover the theme quite broadly because the nature of open access offers endless potential use. Ideas and themes may include, but are not limited to:

  • Ways how National Bibliographic services fulfill open access goals
  • Case studies of how National Bibliographic services are transforming their practices to fulfill this role
  • Best practices, proposals for improved practices (what can we do better?)
  • How to advocate for the role of National Bibliographic Services for a strong, democratic society with decision-makers, policy-makers, etc. Is it a concept they are familiar with and accept easily, or is more education and outreach required?
  • Implications of new practices for cataloguers; for instance, looking at our indexing languages and classification schemes from the point of view of a fair, balanced and inclusive description (for indigenous/native peoples, minorities, religions and cultures other than the ones most familiar to the people who first wrote/use the classifications, etc.)
  • What are the benefits when National Bibliography opens its data?
  • Examples of data mining of National Bibliographic data
  • New ways of producing statistical data from published national output


All proposals must be received by 20 February 7 March 2018.

You are invited to send your proposal (500 words max.) to:

Rebecca Lubas

Please note

At least one of the paper’s authors must be present to deliver a summary of the paper during the program in Malaysia. Abstracts should only be submitted with the understanding that the expenses of attending the conference will be the responsibility of the author(s)/presenter(s) of accepted papers.

All papers that are presented at the WLIC 2018 will be made available online via the IFLA Library under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Authors of accepted papers must complete the IFLA Authors’ Permission Form.

All expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA, but a special invitation letter can be issued to authors.

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