Walk-In Library Visits


Participants are also free to organize their own walk-in library visits throughout the IFLA WLIC 2018. They will need to register at the reference desks for a guided tour which will be on an hourly basis 09:00 – 17:00. The libraries are:

  • The National Library of Malaysia

The National Library of Malaysia was established in 1966 and began its operations at its new building in 2000. Architectural design of the building is in the shape of a tengkolok (the traditional Malay head gear), the identity and cultural heritage of the Malays symbolizing the nation’s aspiration to project high-level intellectual prowess as well as the intrinsic values of Malaysian society to the world.

The pride of the National Library’s collection is the Malaysiana Collection and the National Centre for Malay Manuscripts which has the largest collection of Malay Manuscripts in the world.

With the emergence of new media and technology, NLM takes the benefit of the National Broadband Initiative to effectively disseminate information, develop local digital content, and to use the new media and other social media or online service to ensure information and library services can be accessed and downloaded anywhere via their portal. Another initiative that has been undertaken is unveiling Malaysia’s first Samsung SMART Library. The Samsung SMART Library is poised to provide a new and interactive reading experience for Malaysians, especially children and youth, within an enhanced technology-enabled library environment.

  • Petronas Resource Centre

Petronas’ Petroleum Resource Centre, or in short PRC, is located at Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers! Understanding of the oil & gas industry is critical for Petronas staff to play their roles more effectively in their Units. A wide knowledge of the business will help staff support Petronas’s journey towards becoming a Global Champion. In tune with the times PRC is a great repository of knowledge for the benefit of its users. It has now repositioned itself to play a more strategic role in Petronas’ information management strategy and as a hub for knowledge sharing.

PRC’s highly efficient use of space has expanded into segmented areas for learning activities, networking and interaction. This has made it possible for users to find a quiet area to read and study or a social space to talk, exchange ideas even eat or drink and for users to unwind from a stressful day at work.

Some of the features available in PRC worth mentioning are: the MIND Zone, the Music Tower, the IT Centre which provides cutting-edge business research facilities equipped with video conferencing to allow for meetings or training to be conducted with remote sites. Various activity rooms are provided to allow more users interactivity, revolutionizing the way people learn, connect and collaborate. As a knowledge hub, the Information Gallery in PRC is developed as an information wall to display Petronas’ corporate journey which also captures the evolution of Malaysia’s oil and gas industry since 1909.

With the development in the provision of digital information, new modes of study and lifestyle and the changing information needs of its user groups – PRC has now become more appealing learning destination for Petronas’ staff. More users are now utilising its facilities and services.